Mental Health Awareness


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Founder Karen’s Story

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

 Moose Mail is a Not For Profit, ultra low emissions distribution company.

 We distribute leaflets, letters and parcels in the local borough of Lewisham and Bromley, and other other boroughs on request.


Donate to charitable organisations


***Proudly Supporting Mental Health***

What makes Moose Mail different?

We are working closely with a homeless charity, to help end the stigma against homelessness and offer the opportunity of regular work.

Why use Moose Mail to deliver and or design and print your promotional material?

oNot for profit organization

oWe donate to charities every year

oYou are helping our distributors get back into work.

Our passion at Moose Mail is to help maintain mental wellness.

Engaging in healthy activity distributing leaflets, letters or parcels from the client pick up point through to the final destination of the target customer.

Can we help your organisation with our efficient delivery solutions and can you help us?  

Office opening hours:

9am - 6:30pm (Monday - Friday)

10am - 1pm (Saturday)

Distribution hours:

7:30am - 7:30pm (Monday - Sunday)

Competitive Rates            Reliable            Giving Back