About Us

Background -

Moose Mail is a social enterprise meaning it is trading for social and environmental purposes.

Reinvesting back into the business as well as giving to a variety of mental health organisations. The ethos of being committed to helping the planet is paramount.

Established in 2010 having been awarded a social enterprise grant from 

Lewisham council.


Aiming to be as healthy and eco-friendly as possible by distributing using foot, pedal power, and low emission vehicles, as well as making use of public transport which is not adding further to the pollution. 

Exercise is great for improving health both mentally and physically, it increases the feel good chemicals and coupled with engaging in the organisation of the logistics of the letter, leaflet, parcel to reach its delivery destination all makes for an active happier person.


1 in 4 people from a wide spectrum of individuals can be faced with any kind of issue from under the mental health umbrella anytime in their life.

  Reasons can range from for example abuse, accident, crime, death, debt, discrimination, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness, illness, isolation, loneliness,  military combat, terrorist attack, trauma, unemployment.  

The stigma attached to a service user is often so hard to break free from so time spent in connection with Moose Mail is great. 

Future - 

Our vision is to keep building upon our reputation as a reliable, efficient distribution service.

 The goal is to change lives for the better sustaining good mental wellness,

helping society, the community, and the planet.

Your support is invaluable to push the mission of positivity in mental health

Thank you for believing in Moose Mail






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